Happy October! Please enjoy this month's newsletter, "Helping Children Learn". You can learn tips to help your child see that math success is possible and worth the effort, set priorities, and remember things better! You also will want to read more about focusing on your child's progress when speaking to a teacher or attending a conference. Have a great week! The newsletters can be accessed by using the links below, and a paper copy will be sent home with your child this week! English https://5il.co/1hf8y Spanish https://5il.co/1hf8z
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Choose an object, such as a paper clip. Ask your child to figure out different ways to use it. This promotes creativity and problem-solving.
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DLP: Look over your child’s completed assignments. Give compliments first, then helpful suggestions.
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DLP: Tell your child about books you loved when you were their age. Need suggestions for titles your child may enjoy reading? Ask his or her school media specialist.
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DLP: Choose a Word of the Day. Challenge family members to use it in a sentence.
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Hey, Everyone, Please use this invitation to the Parent Engagement Google Meeting. I have had some technical issues this afternoon. I apologize for the inconvenience. To join the video meeting, click this link: meet.google.com/ygq-teib-jit To join by phone instead, dial (US) +1 240-466-6801 and enter this PIN: 753 599 585# More phone numbers: https://tel.meet/ygq-teib-jit?pin=6918864339150
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Good afternoon, Parents, Guardians, and Center Staff, This is a friendly reminder that we have our Annual Title I Parent Meeting this evening at 6:00 PM. This meeting will take place via Google Meets. We chose to have this meeting virtually based on our Spring Parent Survey input. Our number one parent meeting choice was virtual meetings.. We hope you will join us virtually by clicking on the link below: The Google Meeting will be recorded if you can't attend the meeting. It will be posted on our website after the meeting is over. Use the link: https://meet.google.com/hxj-bmza-vnh or Join by phone ‪(US) +1 304-404-7828‬ PIN: ‪130 295 306‬# Once you participate in the meeting tonight, please sign in below: English: https://forms.gle/wtjnECgJVkrp5i1q7 Spanish: https://forms.gle/To4TwjNHiie6KtTF6 Vietnamese: https://forms.gle/9ivi6evvWc7MGpq16
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Check out the flyer for our upcoming flu vaccine dates for each school!
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Vaccine Schedule
Center Elementary Parent and Support Training Flyers are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please choose your language below: English: https://5il.co/1iipv Spanish: https://5il.co/1ijqf Vietnamese: https://5il.co/1ijqe Flyers with links to the recorded training sessions will be sent home today along with at home work packets. You can access these flyers digitally if preferred or use your phone camera to scan the QR codes on the flyers. Click here to access these resources on our website : https://www.ware.k12.ga.us/o/center-elementary-school/page/familyengagement2023
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Attention all Parents & Guardians, Please participate in our K-5 Virtual Parent & Support Training that our teachers and parent engagement department have created for you. Materials are being sent home this week that are mentioned in the training videos. We hope you learn more about how to support your child in his or her academic journey at Center Elementary School. Click on this URL Link to access the training. https://5il.co/1iipv For Mrs. Iva Floyd and Miss Kylee Wheeler's Parent Training Videos, please use this URL Link: https://5il.co/1iirt
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image of K-5 parent and support training flyer
image of Kylee Wheeler and Iva Floyds training flyer
DLP: See how many ocean creatures you and your child can think of. What about green animals or animals with spots? If your child is old enough, ask them to name mammals, reptiles, or amphibians. You can be as creative as you like with deciding on categories!
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DLP: Talk about honesty and why it is so important. Point out examples of people who demonstrate honesty.
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DLP: Make up a secret code with your child. Send messages to each other.
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DLP: Show your child 10 objects. Have them close their eyes while you remove one. Can they guess what’s missing?
11 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Exercise as a family. Choose an activity everyone will enjoy.
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DLP: Ask your child to tell you something they learned today. Then tell them something you learned today!
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DLP: Talk about three ways you used math today. Ask everyone in the family how they used math.
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DLP: Help your child find the best time to do assignments. Some kids are more focused right after the school day ends while others are at night.
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DLP: Have a Family Reading Night. Pop some popcorn and have everyone curl up with a good book!
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We are excited to unveil our latest website feature called Daily Learning Planner (DLP) in the Live Feed section! Here, families will find ideas they can use to help children do well in school. We will post a new tip or resource each school day. The district Live Feed will contain a general tip that applies to most students while school Live Feeds will highlight tips for students in elementary, middle, or high school. Our first tip will post later today.
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