Choose an object, such as a paper clip. Ask your child to figure out different ways to use it. This promotes creativity and problem-solving.
about 3 hours ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Look over your child’s completed assignments. Give compliments first, then helpful suggestions.
3 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Tell your child about books you loved when you were their age. Need suggestions for titles your child may enjoy reading? Ask his or her school media specialist.
4 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Choose a Word of the Day. Challenge family members to use it in a sentence.
5 days ago, Ware County Schools
Parents/ Guardians, we have been experiencing some technical issues with some of our devices. The link is available for you to view the Parent Informational Video. We apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely, Dr. Johnson and Daffodil Pre-K Staff Virtual Parent Meeting Please view the following video and complete the Google form that is attached. Parent Video: Google Form:
6 days ago, DAFFODIL
Check out the flyer for our upcoming flu vaccine dates for each school!
6 days ago, Ware County Schools
Vaccine Schedule
DLP: See how many ocean creatures you and your child can think of. What about green animals or animals with spots? If your child is old enough, ask them to name mammals, reptiles, or amphibians. You can be as creative as you like with deciding on categories!
6 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Talk about honesty and why it is so important. Point out examples of people who demonstrate honesty.
7 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Make up a secret code with your child. Send messages to each other.
10 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Show your child 10 objects. Have them close their eyes while you remove one. Can they guess what’s missing?
11 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Exercise as a family. Choose an activity everyone will enjoy.
12 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Ask your child to tell you something they learned today. Then tell them something you learned today!
13 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Talk about three ways you used math today. Ask everyone in the family how they used math.
14 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Help your child find the best time to do assignments. Some kids are more focused right after the school day ends while others are at night.
17 days ago, Ware County Schools
DLP: Have a Family Reading Night. Pop some popcorn and have everyone curl up with a good book!
18 days ago, Ware County Schools
We are excited to unveil our latest website feature called Daily Learning Planner (DLP) in the Live Feed section! Here, families will find ideas they can use to help children do well in school. We will post a new tip or resource each school day. The district Live Feed will contain a general tip that applies to most students while school Live Feeds will highlight tips for students in elementary, middle, or high school. Our first tip will post later today.
18 days ago, Ware County Schools
Members of the Ware County Schools Police Department, in conjunction with both city and county agencies, will perform a training exercise on the campus of Williams Heights Elementary School on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. Travelers in the area may see safety officials "respond" to an alert at the school with lights and sirens, simulating the noise, possible traffic disruption, and other factors that might occur in a real emergency. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PLANNED DRILL.
3 months ago, Ware County Schools
Public Notice of Training Exercise
The Title I Parent Engagement Stakeholder Input Meeting will be Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 8:00 AM. Google Meet joining info - Video call link: Or dial: (US) +1 319-435-9202 PIN: 344 568 543# Please click the link below to view the PEP & DIP documents and provide feedback. FUPSwVtZhuWvrH6l9u77Zlx5GiHYuUCXJWWWQYFOA/viewform
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You're Invited!
Here's our most up-to-date 2022-2023 calendar, approved at the May 2022 board meeting. Click Calendars and Menu under the main menu to access .pdf copies you can print.
5 months ago, Ware County Schools
2022-2023 Block Calendar
Reminder - Friday, March 11, 2022 is a Staff Professional Learning Day. Students do not have school that day.
7 months ago, Paige Coker