pictures of Kindergarten students touching a snake and an  alligator

Our Kindergarten students have been learning how organisms living and non-living (alive and not alive) are grouped during their science lessons. Mrs. Katie Antczak, Environmental Science Education Coordinator & RESA Consultant from the Okefenokee Swamp Park came to teach our students about living plants and animals that can be found in the swamp and in our area. Animals that we encountered were a corn snake, a tortoise, and a baby alligator. The students were also presented with items that were non-living. They had to determine why the items were non-living. The students had a great time learning about living plants and animals in our area.

We appreciate Mrs. Antczak and the Okefenokee Swamp and Okefenokee RESA partnering with us to work with our students. We enjoy partnering with our community to enrich our students' lives through education. #ospoutreach #okefenokeeswamppark #okeswamp

Center's Kindergarten Teams:

Mrs. Joyce Arnold and Mrs, Carol Scott
Mrs. Megan Aspinwall and Ms. Angie Cobb
Mrs. Hannah Boatright, Mrs. Chelsea Hayman, and Mrs. Andrea Bennett
Mrs. Caitlyn Gourley, Mrs. Sherl Altman and Mrs. Becky Davis, and Mrs. Bridgette White

Mr. Tyler A. Bennett is the principal at Center Elementary School.