Photo of Center Staff holding Gold Bows and Bows  Hung on Columns

Center Elementary School’s faculty and staff are excited to kick off Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this year!  This year, Campground Ministries joined in a community effort to bring awareness to this dreadful disease with Waycross Service League. Our very own Brianna Pappy, paraprofessional at Center is the head of projects for the service league and is also selling bows.  Nancy Perry was quoted, "We are so excited this year that the Waycross Service League joined forces with Campground Ministries to sell bows while raising awareness and funds for September Childhood Cancer Awareness month. It has really taken off and we are so thankful for their help to get the word out!" The school’s staff purchased four of the giant bows to raise awareness and profits for the foundation!

Center Elementary School’s assistant principal and instructional coach are pictured below with Nancy Perry and Cheryl Tatum, grandparents to the late Camp Tatum and representatives of Campground Ministries, showcasing the beautiful gold bows in support of this foundation.  If you are interested in purchasing a bow throughout the month of September to show support, you can email the service league at, or contact Mrs. Cheryl Tatum at 912-281-8925 or Mrs. Nancy Perry at 912-614-4390. 

Left to Right: Cheryl Tatum, Susie Tison,  Le Var Garner, and Nancy Perry