Center Elementary Celebrates Earth Day 2022

Center Elementary Kindergarten students were introduced to "Earth Day" this morning! This is a time set aside internationally to celebrate our planet Earth, learn about the environment, and promote conservation. This year's theme for Earth Day is "Invest in Our Planet", and that is exactly what our school leaders decided to do! Our youngest scholars on campus learned by planting a variety of trees including a Drake elm tree, a  Crabapple tree, and two Golden Shower trees! The students have been studying the difference between living and non-living organisms. They now know how living organisms stay alive! They need soil, air, water, sun,  and room to grow!

Our students had assistance from our community helpers Mrs. Frankie Royer, retired Ware County Educator, and Mr. Harley Herrin who works at 1821 Garden Center on Knight Avenue in Waycross! Mrs. Royer taught the students that first, you must dig a hole that gives a plant room to grow, while Mr. Herrin explained how the trees will need water and care until the trees take root and begin to flourish on their own. Mr. Tyler A. Bennett is the principal at Center Elementary.

It was a great day to celebrate Earth Day on this beautiful, sunny morning!