Ware County Schools Crowns District Spelling Bee Winner

Willow D., a fifth grader at Wacona Elementary School, has won the district spelling bee and will advance to the regional tournament to be held later this month; the winning word was candidate. Sixth grader Dallas B., from Ware County Middle School, is first runner-up and will serve as the alternate in the event Willow is unable to compete. All contestants represented their schools with excellence and are to be commended for their accomplishments. The school system extends hearty congratulations to Willow and Dallas as they advance in the competition.

2019 Spelling Bee Contestants

Pictured back row, left to right: Matthew S. - Waycross Middle School, Veronika D. - Memorial Drive Elementary, Harper P. - Williams Heights Elementary School, Rhianna D. - Center Elementary School , Willow D. - Wacona Elementary School, and Superintendent Jim L. LeBrun

Front row, left to right: Cristian M. - Ruskin Elementary School, Bailey D. - Waresboro Elementary School, and Dallas B. - Ware County Middle School

Spelling Bee Contestants

2019 Spelling Bee Winners

left to right - Winner Willow D., Runner-up Dallas B., and Superintendent Jim L. LeBrun

Spelling Bee Winners