TAKE A Peek Inside Our Schools!

Students celebrating Veterans Day

Mrs. A. Thomas's class celebrated Veteran's Day.


A photo of students in Clark's class

Students in Mrs. Clark-Wooten's class used the scientific method to predict how temperature affects the reaction of glow sticks. Who says learning isn't fun?

- Center Elementary

A photo of Peytan B. surrounded by 100 books

Want to know what 100 books looks like? Ask kindergartner Peytan B., who has read over 100 books so far this year! Way to go, Peytan!

- Memorial Drive Elementary School

A photo showing Ruskin students working on circuits

5th graders built snap circuits to power a fan, lightbulb, or speaker while learning about electricity, insulators, and conductors.

- Ruskin Elementary

A photo showing a student eating apples

Students in Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Corbitt's classroom learned about the letter Aa while enjoying freshly-sliced apples!

- Wacona Elementary

A photo showing Waresboro students with their turkey creations

Mrs. Flowers' class read "Turkey in Trouble" and completed a turkey craft. Check out their awesome disguises!

- Waresboro Elementary

A photo depicting a smiling student and his art project

First graders learned about various landforms and then created landform art projects. Check out this student's work!

- Williams Hghts. Elementary

A photo showing Coach Hinely working on a Clear Touch Panel

Coach Hinely demonstrated how to operate a TI-30XS calculator to students learning about error analysis and Order of Operations.

- Ware County Middle

A photo showing students completing a science experiment with heat transfer

Students in Mr. Cakal's class investigated different methods of heat transfer.

- Waycross Middle

Culinary Arts Students

Students in Chef Jen's Culinary Arts class cooked a delicious Thanksgiving meal for Central Office staff.

- Ware County High

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