Rayonier Timber Marketing Forester Visits Center Elementary

Justin Wesson, Timber Marketing Forester with Rayonier, visited Mrs. Christa Wesson and Ms. Lisa Tyre’s third-grade classes at Center Elementary School. Mr. Wesson spoke to the classes about forests, how trees grow, timber as a renewable resource, and the many products that are made from trees. Mr. Wesson read the story Our Family’s Tree Farm and taught the class how to determine the age of a tree by counting its growth rings. The class demonstrates understanding of how to determine the age of a tree by counting the growth rings from a cross-section of a tree stump. 

Mr. Wesson then showed the class pictures about the life cycle of a forest on Rayonier property, including machinery used to prepare the site for planting seedlings, fertilizing, and harvesting the trees. The students’ favorite part of the demonstration was learning about the many surprising things that are made from trees, including ice cream, chewing gum, and bug spray! Students asked questions about forestry, products made from trees, and equipment used in the forest. Center Elementary thanks Rayonier and Mr. Wesson for supporting students in their learning.

Mrs. Wesson and student

Mrs. Christa Wesson and Justin B. display the book used in the demonstration.