Replanting Begins at WCHS's Renovated Forestry Plot

On January 9, over 8000 genetically improved pine seedlings were planted on approximately 12 acres at Ware County High School. The trees were planted on land that is part of the renovated school forest plot, a site that will be used to teach students many concepts related to forestry science and management. The entire planting process was accomplished with the support of several industry partners. International Forest Company (IFCO) donated all of the seedlings, while Varn Wood Products and Ferrell Timber and Site Prep donated the site prep and labor for planting. In addition, the Georgia Forestry Commission assisted with various aspects of the project and have been a valued partner in teaching students about fire prevention and suppression. 

The seedlings used were Loblolly, Slash, and Longleaf Pine. By using the three primary species grown in Georgia, students will have the opportunity to learn how each one grows and performs on the site. In addition to serving as a living classroom for students, the site will also be used by forest industry groups as an educational site. 

Students plant trees

WCHS Forestry instructor Mr. Alex Chism, along with members of the FFA Forestry team, examine one of the newly planted Longleaf Pine seedlings.