Abrams Family

Williams Heights Elementary School hosted “Hibernate with a Good Book”, a literacy night for students and families. This event was held to encourage students to read outside the classroom, for families to get involved in their child’s education, and to provide parents with tools to help their child read at home.

Families were greeted with a presentation on how to use Accelerated Reader and Lexile scores to support the growth of their student’s literacy skills. Parents and students enjoyed steaming hot cocoa and sweet treats while visiting a variety of reading stations. They then settled in to cozy spots in the multipurpose room to read a good book with their child. Students could even take AR tests to earn points toward their AR goals! Families were able to see first-hand what an AR test looks like, the types of questions asked, how to view their child’s progress, and to sign up for email notifications from Renaissance Home Connect.  

It was heartwarming to see children cuddled up to a parent, grandparent, or teacher with a favorite picture book. Heather Thigpen, Media Specialist, believes this can develop a child’s own motivation to read after experiences like these. "It creates a sense of closeness and a very positive emotion around reading, and that's so important," she said.

Staci Smallwood, Principal at Williams Heights, said, "The purpose of this event is not just to promote literacy but to cultivate a school culture and community for our parents. We're all about literacy. We want kids not only to learn how to read but we also want them to enjoy to read and find the love of reading."