Certified Golden Achievement
Sarah Bowman has been recognized as the September 2022 Certified Golden Achievement Award Winner for Ware County High School. Upon presenting the certificate, Assistant Principal Courtney Brown shared the following. 

Sarah Bowman is Ware County High School’s Certified Golden Achievement Winner. Mrs. Bowman is the sophomore counselor at WCHS. A bright spot in the daily life of WCHS students and staff, she stays positive no matter the situation. 

“Mrs. Bowman is a very hard worker who conscientiously follows through in all circumstances. She is passionate about students, and they appreciate her understanding and patience. Students know she is an adult who cares deeply about them and their future success. She effectively communicates with parents, guardians, students, and staff. She respects individuals and their differences and works daily to make WCHS the best school it can be. WCHS is happy to honor Sarah Bowman for her contributions to our school community.“

Mrs. Bowman is a bright light at Ware County High School, and we celebrate her hard work and achievements. Congratulations, Mrs. Bowman!