Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner
Mrs. Debbie Wade from Ware County High School is the September 2022 Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner. Assistant Principal Courtney Brown presented the award, saying “Debbie Wade is Ware County High School’s Classified Golden Achievement Winner. Mrs. Wade has been at WCHS for many years, and during that time, she has become one of its pillars.

“Known for her sunny disposition, she takes on even the most difficult tasks without complaint. During the pandemic, Mrs. Wade worked relentlessly to find substitutes for teachers who had to be absent. Because of her hard work, we always had coverage. She has a positive attitude and always looks on the bright side in any situation. Teachers who call her in an emergency—whether they
are facing a child’s hospitalization or unexpected death in the family—will always find comfort in her kind words and her assurance that she will pray for them. WCHS proudly recognizes Debbie Wade’s service to our school, students, and staff.”

Mrs. Wade is an asset to the Ware County School System, and we appreciate her efforts to serve the community with excellency. Congratulations, Mrs. Wade!