classified winner
Congratulations to Mrs. Challie Griffin, the August 2022 Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner. Principal Donna Solomon shared the following upon presentation of the award:

“The past two years have reminded us all of the important role Nurse Griffin plays in our lives, and we cannot thank her enough for her service to our students and staff. Our nurse bandages cuts and scrapes, but her role is so much more. She dispenses critical medication, supports medically fragile students, responds to emergencies and provides healthcare guidance. In addition, she continues to lead us through the COVID Pandemic. Ruskin Elementary School is safer, healthier and happier thanks to her expertise and care.

“She takes exceptional care for those with illnesses and disabilities and always does her job with full heart and soul. Her calm and caring nature are her strong suits. Nurse Griffin makes herself a part of our team as she has established relationships with most of our staff members. She interacts with people in our school and the community in a positive and fun-loving manner. I am very proud that she is our nurse, and I hope she decides to stay with us for a very long time. She is a beacon of light in our community.

“Nurse Griffin is dedicated and we are proud that she continues to provide and maintain an environment to be productive for the faculty, staff and students at Ruskin Elementary School. Congratulations to Nurse Challie Griffin, our Golden Achievement Award winner.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Griffin!

(Pictured: Principal Solomon, Mrs. Griffin, and Supt. Smith)