Certified Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Rebekah Griffis, the August 2022 Certified Golden Achievement Award Winner. Principal Donna Solomon shared the following upon presentation of the award:

“It takes extraordinary perseverance and dedication to achieve high academic standards while learning a second language. English learners are faced with acclimating to a new culture and are tasked with learning the language of academics simultaneously. In essence, it is double the work. Mrs. Griffis works endlessly to find effective solutions and teaching practices to meet the needs of the students she serves. She knows her learners and creates conditions for language learning.

“With that, Mrs. Rebekah Griffis, ESOL Teacher/Coordinator, has been selected for the Golden Achievement award because of the excellence and drive she exhibits while teaching. She designs high-quality lessons for language development, monitors and assesses her students’ language development. Her support, engagement and collaboration with students, parents and fellow teachers creates an exemplary model for achievement. It is a pleasure to honor Mrs. Rebekah Griffis with this award.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Griffis!

(Pictured: Principal Solomon, Mrs. Griffis, and Supt. Smith)