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Continuing with Exceptional Children's Week, Speech Language Pathologist Amy Bennett shares information about their critical role in student success.

What is a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)?

An SLP evaluates and treats communication disorders (articulation, language, voice, fluency, oral motor, and swallowing difficulties) that affect a student's ability to communicate. A speech-language pathologist is sometimes called a speech therapist or speech pathologist. Please contact the Speech Language Pathologist that is assigned to your school for more information.

Daffodil - Keri Smith

Center Elementary - Pam Perritt

Memorial Drive Elementary - Frankie Strickland

Ruskin Elementary- Laura Beth Rohrer-Cuervo

Wacona Elementary - Kat Bray, Tisch Harris and Keri Smith

Waresboro Elementary- Nancy Bennett

Williams Heights Elementary- Amy Bennett

Ware County Middle and Waycross Middle - Billie Jo Grantham

Ware County High School - Amy Bennett

Speech Resources for Parents :

Ware County SLP website: https://warecountyspeech.weebl...

Developmental charts: https://warecountyspeech.weebl...

Resources: https://warecountyspeech.weebl...

Handouts: https://warecountyspeech.weebl...