2022 Retirees

As we approach the end of another school year among all the celebrations of Honors Day, graduations, and the like, we come to a different kind of celebration that is bittersweet, a time when we express our gratitude and appreciation for our colleagues who are entering their retirement years. Together, these ladies and gentlemen have amassed over 1,041 years of service:

Glenda C. Aldridge - 15.5 years, Print Shop, Central Office
Mary Alice Aldridge - 28 years, Instructional Coach, Ware County High School
Pamela Barnhill - 26 years, Teacher, Center
Barbara Blue - 28 years, Nutrition, Daffodil
Boysie Brown - 19 years, Custodian, Ware County High School
Dora L. Cook - 36 years, Parapro, Ware County Middle School
Marsha Davis - 20 years, Parapro, Ruskin
Janice Deal - 36 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Lynn Downs - 33 years, Instructional Coach, Ware County High School
Tye Ethridge - 24 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Penny Hartley - 30 years, Teacher, Williams Heights
Lee Hatfield - 33 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Lydia D. Hester - 20 years, Parapro, Memorial Drive
Pamela Johnson, 19.5 years, Nutrition, Wacona
Jeanine Jordan - 12 years, Nutrition, Williams Heights
Stephanie King - 33 years, AP, Ware County Middle School
Margaret Kite - 31.5 years, Custodian, Memorial Drive
Eloise Lee - 11 years, Custodian, Center
Frank Lee - 10 years, Custodian, Ruskin
Pamela P. Lee - 39 years, Bus Driver, Transportation
Yvonne Inman Lott - 10 years, Parapro, Ruskin
Donna H. McClain - 26 years, Director of Special Education, Central Office
Christina McGauley - 19.7 years, Teacher, Daffodil
Sonya Mixon - 22 years, Title I Programs/Parent Engagement Coordinator, Central Office
Beverly Moye - 15 years, Parapro, Wacona
Pamela J. Perritt - 28 years, Speech/Language Pathologist, Center
Melline B. Perry - 23.5 years, Community Outreach Worker, Ware County High School
Larry Pierce - 22 years, Nutrition, Ware County High School
Phyllis Poller - 36 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Bettye W. Reese - 21 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Gloria M. Roberts - 30 years, Teacher, Ruskin
Beth Sellers - 39 years, Teacher, Waresboro
David Shields - 36 years, Teacher, Memorial Drive
Teresa Simmons - 30 years, Teacher, Ware County High School
Linda C. Sirmans - 20 years, Teacher, Center
Karen Skinner - 33.5 years, Nutrition, Ware County Middle School
Staci Smallwood - 30 years, AP, Wacona
Sandra W. Stone - 22 years, Nutrition, Waycross Middle School
Gail Wade - 17 years, Parapro, Wacona
John Weaver - 38 years, Teacher, Wacona
Charlene Wilson - 18 years, Nutrition, Wacona

Congratulations, retirees! We wish you much success and happiness in your future endeavors.