Jamie Chaney
Jamie Chaney is the May 2022 classified Golden Achievement Award for Waycross Middle School.  Upon presenting her award, Principal David Hitt noted:

“Mrs. Chaney is a Special Education teacher and co-teaches 6th grade math with Randy Buck. She is also our head cheerleading coach (that in itself makes any coach a teacher of the year candidate) and leads our Ron Clark Academy House program. In short, the RCA House System is a dynamic, exciting, and proven way to build a positive climate and culture for students and staff. Last year, Mrs. Chaney came to me, frustrated with the large amount of discipline we were dealing with in our school and the disconnected feeling we all had due to all the COVID issues we were dealing with. However, unlike most, she came to me with a solution as well and was willing to take the lead in its implementation. And her work has made an incredible difference in our school culture and climate. Moreover, she has done this work while doing an incredible job in the classroom and working with all students, gifted, Special Education, and general education, 6-8 grade.

“Mrs. Chaney is well-respected by all staff and faculty, loved by all students, and is a valuable teacher-leader in our building. There is no doubt that this month’s recipient of the Golden Achievement Award, Mrs. Jamie Chaney, truly exemplifies what it means to be a Waycross Middle Bulldog. She is a very caring person who loves her job and our school community and continues to be a key asset to the Waycross Middle family.”

Mrs. Chaney is pictured with Principal Hitt and Supt. Smith. Congratulations!