Holly Thomas Golden Achievement Award Winner

Holly Thomas, pictured with Supt. Bert Smith, is the April 2022 Certified Golden Achievement Award winner. Dr. Shawanna Johnson, her principal, shared the following about Ms. Thomas’s selection:

“Ms. Holly Thomas is a true teacher leader. She has a love and a passion for teaching students as well as helping and mentoring fellow teachers. Ms. Thomas is the PLC team leader, chairperson for the Yearbook Committee, a member of the Technology Committee, and a part of the school’s leadership team. She coordinates fun and age-appropriate literacy and numeracy learning activities to share with DAFFODIL instructional staff. She is dedicated to making sure our students develop the necessary social, emotional and academic skills needed to have a successful transition into kindergarten. Ms. Thomas is adored by her students, parents, and DAFFODIL family. She has an awesome can-do attitude.”

Congratulations, Ms. Thomas! You are treasured.