Students in Mrs. Dowling's class built a tower.

Students in Mrs. Rachel Dowling and Ms. Judy Deen’s class participated in a team-building STEM activity called “Helping Harry.” Mrs. Dowling explained to her students that Harry was very short and was having trouble seeing. She asked her students to think of a way that they could solve Harry’s problem. The students suggested that they build a tall tower to help Harry see better. Mrs. Dowling and Ms. Deen divided the students into groups of four and gave each group ten plastic cups and a puff ball named Harry. Students worked together to create a tall tower for Harry and achieved their goal. Mrs. Dowling said, “I enjoy doing STEM activities in my classroom because it expands the minds of my students and develops their problem solving skills.”  The principal at DAFFODIL Pre-K is Dr. Linda Houseal. 

Pictured: Adrianna B., Dream T., Noah S., and Allie W. worked together to build Harry a tower.

Tucker O., Abigail H., Liam M., and Shardez S. are all smiles about their tower.