Story Stew Group

Students in Mrs. Brooke Thomas's class visited the media center to assist "Chef Maxwell" in preparing a story stew.  The children helped substitute media specialist Gail Maxwell  identify the story elements in the book “Officer Buckle and Gloria” in order to learn the value of each part of a story.  The students had a wonderful time discovering the various story stew ingredients and could not believe how tasty story stew could be!  Dr. Shawn Benefield is the principal at Memorial Drive Elementary.

Front Row L-R: Mekhi I., Austin M., Cire E., Lilly B., Cassie H., and Annley  G.

Back Row L-R: Jaylan P., Katelynn F., Jaiden F., Greg W., Trevon J., Jermaine B., Abdullah S., Jay S., Cailyn G., Elli W., Alisha P., Kylan C., Grant J., McKade G., Za'Mariya R., David D., Mrs. Maxwell, and Mrs. Thomas