Ruskin August Reading Belt Challenge

Ruskin Elementary School media specialist Mrs. Tonya Dixon has developed a challenge to help motivate readers. Through the Reading Belt Challenge, homeroom teachers and students compete as a class to see who can accumulate the most AR points every month. The class with the highest number of AR points with a test average of 85% or higher earns the “Reading Belt” and “Bragging Rights” for the month. The competition consists of categories: Kindergarten/First (Purple Belt), Second/Third (Blue Belt), and Fourth/Fifth (Black Belt). In its first month of inception, Mrs. Dixon presented the winning classes to Mrs. Halie Black’s First Grade Class, Ms. Kelli Cason’s Second Grade Class, and Mrs. Latricia Wesley’s Fifth Grade Class. Mrs. Donna Solomon, the Ruskin Elementary principal, is promoting the “Reading Belt Challenge” and encourages all Jaguars to Rise Up!

Pictured (L-R) Chrishaud B., Mai'Lan C., and Jackson C.