Susie Tison

Congratulations to Susie Tison, the February 2022 Certified Golden Achievement Award Winner. Upon presenting the award, Assistant Principal Le Var Garner shared the following:

Researcher Jim Knight said that when teachers stop learning, so do students. Tonight’s honoree serves in a role that directly impacts the learning of our teachers at Center, and it is a role that suits her well. During my years at Center, I have truly seen this remarkable educator develop and grow into the leader that she is today. She serves our teachers and staff with servant leadership that is truly needed in her role as a coach. In this role as a coach, this is where she shines! Her ability to listen, inspire, encourage, advise, and support all make her truly the best at what she does. She is a solid member of our core leadership team and is constantly pushing us to achieve better for our school and our students. This honoree is the one who every day makes it a point to simply asks, “How are you doing?” It is with great pride tonight that we honor Mrs. Susie Tison with the Ware County Certified Golden Achievement Award.

Congratulations, Mrs. Tison!