Julieann L. is a Published Author

Ruskin Elementary is proud to announce that fifth grade student Julieann L. is a published author! Julieann’s poetry is included in the 2021 Expressions poetry collection published by The America Library of Poetry.

As a fourth grader, Julieann participated in a poetry competition for Mrs. Anita Sapp’s class. Three of Mrs. Sapp's students' submissions were sent to The America Library of Poetry's annual student poetry contest. Poems were judged based on originality, creativity, and artistic quality by members of The America Library of Poetry's review committee. Julieann’s poem titled “The Star'' was chosen for publishing by the review committee.

"We celebrate Julieann for this awesome achievement! Additionally, I am excited about the work teachers are doing as they inspire our students to excel in their writing skills,'' said Principal Donna Solomon.