An image showing Ruskin Elementary students with Veterans Day poster

Ruskin Elementary School honored all veterans recently at their annual Veterans Day parade. Mrs. Anita Sapp’s patriotism shined through once again in her efforts to organize this special occasion. Invitations were mailed to veteran family members of Ruskin students inviting them to participate. Students in all grades created many patriotic posters and special decorations to hold during the parade. 

Santino C. and Britland W.  led the parade by carrying the Ruskin banner. Braelynn O.,  Braeley R., and Lillie G. entertained the crowd with an energetic baton routine. Ruskin honored 15 veterans during this special program. We appreciate our veterans and the sacrifices they have made. 

Donna Solomon is the principal of Ruskin Elementary School.

Pictured (L-R): Greyson G., Jakailyn J., and Saedi B.