Judy Carter accepting Certified Golden Achievement Award

Mrs. Judy Carter is the Certified Golden Achievement Award winner for November 2021. Dr. Biff Lee, principal at Waresboro Elementary School, shared the following statement upon the presentation:

"I am honored to recognize Mrs. Judy Carter as the certified Golden Achievement recipient for Waresboro Elementary for the 2021-2022 school year. Mrs. Carter has been a teacher at Waresboro for more than 20 years. She is the epitome of a team player. When Covid hit, Mrs. Carter willingly undertook the task of being a kindergarten digital teacher for the system. Teaching these young students face to face is a task, but teaching them through a computer takes a special person like Judy.

"Due to low projected Kindergarten enrollment, she was moved to 2nd grade at the beginning of the school year. After a few weeks of school, she was asked to make the transition back to Kindergarten when an influx of Kindergarten students enrolled at Waresboro. No matter the task given to Judy, she is willing to take one for the team. Mrs. Carter is simply a joy to be around and always maintains a positive outlook. Her calming presence creates a warm and inviting classroom environment that allows her students to clearly see how much she loves them. She is a model teacher and individual that I am proud to say represents Waresboro Elementary."

Congratulations, Mrs. Carter! She is pictured with Dr. Lee and Superintendent Bert Smith.