Certified Golden Achievement Award Winner

Congratulation to Mrs. Lisa Anderson, the certified Golden Achievement Award winner for the month of May 2023. Upon presenting the award, Principal David Hitt shared the following:

“This month’s Golden Achievement Award recipient for the certified staff is Mrs. Lisa Anderson at Waycross Middle School. Mrs. Anderson is our Instructional Coach and has made an incredible lasting impact on our school, our staff, and, most importantly, our students. I have had the honor of working with some of the best instructional coaches our system has had, and Lisa is right there with them.

“She knows instruction, she is well informed on the research, and she understands the pedagogy, content, and curriculum. She stays current in all things educational. But her most important strength is her ability to build relationships and communicate all these things in a manner that is easily understood and easily employed in the classroom. When she suggests or coaches any of us, administrators included, we trust her, and we follow her guidance. And honestly, this more than qualifies her for this recognition tonight.

“But what truly makes the difference is the work she has put into our reading program. I could give you a bunch of numbers that support her impact, but let me just say that there are several, and I mean several, students who are finally learning to read at Waycross Middle who have struggled and been unsuccessful in years past. Many, many more are at or close to their grade level. And you can’t measure that. There are no numbers to quantify what it means to finally be able to read and be successful in the classroom.

“One of my mantras is to always make a positive difference. I can think of no one at our school who has made more of a positive difference in the lives of staff and students this year than Lisa Anderson, the Golden Achievement Award Recipient for Waycross Middle.”

Mrs. Anderson makes it look so easy, but we know what an incredibly hard worker she is! 

Mrs. Anderson is pictured with Principal Hitt (left) and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lynn Barber (right).