Classified Golden Achievement winner
Officer Dereck Cobb is the Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of April 2023. Upon presenting the award, Principal Dr. Shawanna Johnson shared the following:

“Mr. Dereck Cobb, Daffodil’s School Resource Officer, is magnificent.  He is always willing to help at the school in any way he can.  Officer Cobb patrols and keeps Daffodil safe with a smile on his face.  All the students and parents love being greeted by Officer Cobb.  He speaks kind and encouraging words to all who enter Daffodil Pre-K.  He participates in morning and afternoon duty without being asked.  Officer Cobb stays busy at all times by monitoring the building, lifting heavy materials, and participating in fun school activities. He enjoys his Daffodil family and little friends. He cannot wait until meal times to help his little friends in the lunchroom by assisting them with their trays.  Officer Cobb reminds the students of the rules for walking feet, quiet voices, and still bodies. Officer Dereck Cobb is a proud member of the Safety Team.  He keeps us all on point by ensuring visitors are checked in and out at the front office, doors are locked, and the staff members’ Centegix badges are worn properly and not pushed by mistake.  We are happy to have Officer Cobb as our School Resource Officer. 

“Congratulations! It gives me great pleasure to present to Mr. Dereck Cobb the Classified Golden Achievement Award.”