Certified. Golden Achievement winner
Tammy Boyett is the Certified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of April 2023. Upon presenting the award, Principal Dr. Shawanna Johnson shared the following: 

“Mrs. Tammy Boyett is an amazing school counselor.  We have truly been blessed and fortunate to have such a kind and hardworking counselor this year. Mrs. Boyett is Daffodil’s first school counselor. We are so proud to have her as a part of our Daffodil family.  She communicates well with our parents and community stakeholders to ensure the students' academic, social and emotional needs are met. She has a love and passion for working with the students, staff, and parents.  She enjoys her job. Mrs. Boyett provides community resources, parent meetings, and workshops to help parents and students with everyday living essentials.  She visits all classrooms to teach the students social and emotional skills such as sharing, friendship, and safety. She is the chairperson of the school’s Parent Involvement Committee.  She leads the committee by being the liaison. She contacts the appropriate business leaders to ensure parents and students are receiving the appropriate materials to aid them at school and at home.  She is an active member of the Safety Team and the Cybersecurity Team.  Mrs. Boyett has an awesome can-do attitude. 

“Congratulations! It is an honor to present to Mrs. Tammy Boyett the Certified Golden Achievement Award.”