Rachel Fain
The Ware County School System congratulates Rachel  Fain, the certified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of December 2022.

Upon presenting the award, Principal Dr. Bill Epps noted the following:

“It is my honor to recognize Ms. Rachel Fain as the certified Golden Achievement recipient for Williams Heights Elementary School.  Ms. Fain is an American sign-language interpreter for students that are deaf or hard of hearing and has been working at Williams Heights for three years. Prior to joining the Williams Heights Family, Ms. Fain provided services for a student at Blackshear Elementary for three years.

“Ms. Fain is far more than an interpreter. She is also a great teacher, but even more so than that, she is a life changer. The student she works with has grown and flourished under the teaching and tutelage of Ms. Fain, but it doesn’t stop there. Out of the goodness of her heart and her desire for her student to thrive in all aspects of life, you can catch Ms. Fain at the soccer fields in the evening time signing the coach’s instructions to her student. 

“Ms. Fain goes above and beyond to ensure her student is successful in all aspects of life. It doesn’t take long being around Ms. Fain to see the passion she has for teaching and her students. Williams Heights is blessed beyond measure to have Ms. Fain as part of the Williams Heights Family.”

Ms. Fain is flanked by Dr. Bill Epps (left) and Superintendent Bert Smith.