School Admin
At the September 2021 Board Meeting, all schools in the Ware County School System were recognized as “Accredited with Quality”. Administrators received a certificate from the Georgia Accrediting Commission. 

Pictured L-R: Supt. Bert Smith - Ware County Schools, Dr. Tyrone Kellogg - Ware County High School, Dr. Shawn Benefield - Ware County Middle School, David Hitt - Waycross Middle School, Donna Solomon - Ruskin Elementary School, Dr. Bill Epps - Williams Heights Elementary School, Loni Hines - Memorial Drive Elementary School, Dr. Biff Lee - Waresboro Elementary School, Dr. Shawanna Johnson - DAFFODIL Pre-K, Jeri Ray - Wacona Elementary, and Le Var Garner - Center Elementary School