Dr. Jacqueline Turner, Director of Student Services / Title IX Coordinator
Erika Washington, Information Specialist

Name Title
Kimberly Frazier-Jones Social Work Coordinator
Sandra Osburn School Social Worker
Debra Thomas School Social Worker
Dontay Cooper Community Service Provider
Tasha Riggs Community Service Provider
Loren Grace Mental Health Specialist
Eva Fedd Mental Health Specialist
Issac Benefield Mental Health Specialist
Calvin Johnson Restorative Practice Coach/Coordinator
LaRona McClain Social & Emotional Learning Coordinator

About the Department

The Student Services office provides a variety of services designed for students at all grade levels. School counselors, social workers, psychologists, and Student Support Team coordinators use a team approach to assist students with educational and career planning, to help students resolve problems or concerns that may hamper their performance in school, and to network appropriate home, school, and community services to address identified student problems. Recent planning sessions have placed a strong emphasis on improving student attendance and ensuring safe schools through prevention efforts.

The Director of Student Services serves as the contact person in the Superintendent's office to listen to and help resolve parent concerns related to student issues within the school system. The Director works directly with school administrators concerning discipline programs such as in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, and the alternative school. Additionally, the Director facilitates not only student disciplinary hearings (tribunals) at the system level, but also compliance with local, state, and federal policies, school laws, and public school standards.

Professional School Counselors

Professional school counselors provide school counseling and guidance services. Every school is served by a school counselor who assists students and parents with academic planning, career and educational development, and resolution of problems that may hinder school performance or adversely affect student behavior.

School Social Workers

School social workers provide unique services to students, families, and communities, in order to help students attain maximum benefits from the school program. Students are the primary focus of the educational process and are viewed by the social worker in relation to the family, the school, the neighborhood, and the large community. School social workers contribute knowledge of concern for a wide range of social, emotional, cultural, and economic differences among children, families, and communities. School social workers and community service providers are responsible for addressing any attendance concerns.

Requests for services or referrals come from school counselors, teachers, administrators, parents, students themselves, and community individuals and agency staff, depending on the nature of the situation.

Family Connection of Georgia

The local collaborative which connects resources for Ware County's children and families is the Ware County Children's Initiative. The school system is a partner in the Children's Initiative and receives nursing, mental health, substance abuse, vocational rehabilitation, and juvenile court services from community agencies in school-based clinics. Contact the Director of Student Services for more information.