Phases for Success

Phase One

School Board and Superintendent Partnership--- Modeling a Culture of Success

  1. Everything we do should focus on the success of our children
  2. Agree on Vision and Mission Statements (Review and Update)
  3. Establish Performance Objectives and report to the BOE
  4. Establish cycle for achievement and accountability
  5. Create evaluation process

Phase Two

Creating the Culture of Success

  1. Culture of High Expectations for Children-
    1. The Daggett System for Effective Instruction (Willard R. Daggett)
  2. Culture of Teacher/Administrator Empowerment and Respect
    1. Create Professional Learning Communities (Whole Faculty Study Groups)
  3. Culture for Parental Involvement
    1. Parents can access data and are welcomed in our schools
    2. A safe, warm, caring, positive environment for all stakeholders
  4. Culture for Community Participation
    1. Community forums and sessions with groups (e.g., civic groups, churches, etc.)
    2. Goals and objectives workshops

Phase Three

Eight Step Instructional Process

  1. Eight-step model for improving student achievement
    1. Disaggregate and Analyze Test Data (Identify standards by grade, subject and grading period)
      *System – Current Data, 3 Year Trend Data, Comparison Data
      *School – Grade Level/Department/Course/Subject
      *Classroom – Coded by Student
    2. Develop an instructional calendar for each course/subject (Pacing Guides)
    3. Deliver the daily/weekly instructional focus based on the calendar
    4. Frequently assess student mastery of each standard/element (benchmark “assessments for learning”). Use the information to make collaborative/individual instructional planning decisions.
    5. Provide immediate corrective instruction for students who do not demonstrate mastery
    6. Provide enrichment for students who demonstrate mastery
    7. Provide on-going maintenance of essential skills for every student
    8. Principal/Leadership Team monitors the process through active involvement (classroom observation, evaluation of implementation process, and facilitation of WFSG work).
  2. Successful student achievement on state assessments will result.

Phase Four

Program Evaluation

  1. Superintendent and BOE evaluate each objective
  2. Accountability reports on each school, teacher, child
  3. Goals and accountability workshops for community focus