We Believe...

  1. Education is essential.
  2. Everyone can learn.
  3. Everyone has dignity and worth.
  4. Everyone deserves to be successful.
  5. Everyone has talent and ability.
  6. Everyone will be treated with respect.
  7. All staff members will grow professionally.
  8. Everyone has rights and responsibilities that carry consequences.
  9. Teamwork and cooperation contribute to everyone’s success.
  10. Effective two-way communication is essential to our organization’s success.
  11. Everyone can make a positive contribution.
  12. Concerns should be addressed at the lowest level possible.
  13. A nurturing environment enhances learning.
  14. Educational excellence is everyone’s responsibility.
  15. Learning is a lifelong process.

The mission of the Ware County School System, in unity with the Ware County community, is to guarantee that all students are provided with superior instruction, resources (including technology), environment and guidance to ensure top quality graduates, with life-long learning skills, who can live responsibly in society.


It is the vision of the Ware County School District to be ranked among the leading school systems in Georgia in student achievement. State and local assessment results will reflect growth and excellence exceeding regional and state performance by five percent. Our schools shall be safe, healthy, caring environments where all students will make progress, staff members will perform to high standards, and our parents/community stakeholders are partners.

Georgia Vision Project Steps: 

3.1 Create in each county of the state an early learning partnership that includes all public and private human service organizations. 

3.2 Create public‐private partnerships between local businesses and educational and human services organizations. 

3.4 Provide opportunities for all children from birth to five‐years‐old to participate in high quality learning experiences that are designed to promote all aspects of a child’s development, whether provided by families in the home or through a licensed public or private program. 

4.1 Ensure teachers work and plan together, share effective teaching practices, and receive support. 

4.2 Ensure teachers use a variety of technologies to teach and measure what students know and can do. 

4.3 Ensure teachers teach challenging and problem‐solving lessons that meet the needs of various students. 

4.4 Ensure teachers use varied measures to determine what students know and can do. 

5.4 Develop partnerships with businesses, industries, public agencies, and the community to promote shared use of services and facilities. 

6.3 Collaborate with the PSC and other agencies to find, grow, and keep the most talented educators. 

6.5 Organize personnel, distribute leadership and implement processes that maximize student learning. 

7.1 Develop/implement an accountability system which includes clearly defined measures of school district, school, and student success. 

8.1 Develop safe, orderly, supportive learning environments built on respect and encouragement. 

8.2 Make school an inviting place to be for all. 

9.2 Commit local funds to implement comprehensive data and evaluation systems that support continuous improvement of student learning. 

9.3 Systematically evaluate all expenditures and adopt budgets that are focused on district strategies for maximizing student learning.