Congratulations to Misty Thrift, the October 2022 Certified Golden Achievement Award winner. Principal Dr. Shawn Benefield shared the following upon presenting the award:

“Misty Thrift has been a member of the Ware Middle family for over 20 years. Although she has taught all subjects and grade levels, Ms. Thrift has a passion for teaching Physical Science. This year, she was thrilled when she was asked to teach English Language Arts along with Physical Science. 

“In the classroom, Ms. Thrift does an outstanding job of engaging her students by reading stories with enthusiasm, acting, and dressing like the characters. 

“Outside the classroom, Ms. Thrift coaches the girls' tennis team and is a dedicated mentor to our educators just entering the teaching profession. Ms. Thrift is also one of our technology facilitators. She has been instrumental in learning, researching, and piloting new technology programs for WCMS. 

“As made evident by all of this and more, it is clear to see Ms. Thrift is an exceptionally dedicated and valued member of the Ware Middle School family. We are proud to recognize her with the Golden Achievement award.”

Congratulations, Ms. Thrift! We are so thankful for all you do for Ware County Middle School. 

Pictured: Supt. Bert Smith, Misty Thrift, and Dr. Shawn Benefield