Neomi Hall

Ms. Neomi Hall from Ware County Middle School is the Certified Golden Achievement Award winner for October 2021. Upon her recognition, Instructional Coach Alicia Crawford shared the following:

Ware County Middle School has selected Ms. Neomi Hall as our certified Golden Achievement Award recipient. She is a dedicated teacher with a positive attitude and upbeat personality who inspires her students and coworkers.

Ms. Hall is willing to assist with any activity that is going on in the school. She greets her colleagues, students, and Ware Middle sports attendees with a smile. This galvanizing educator seeks opportunities to encourage her students to reach their highest potential. A championship belt hangs in the front of the classroom as an incentive for students to put forth their best effort. Students are reminded daily that someone in their class will be awarded this belt at the end of the year.

Ms. Hall provides many other incentives to encourage her students to participate and work hard to learn math concepts. In order to get her students to learn, she is not afraid to step out of the box and try new activities. Ms. Hall has several attributes that she shares throughout the school on a daily basis. We are thankful to have Ms. Hall as a part of the Ware Middle team.

Ms. Hall is pictured with Principal Shawn Benefield and Superintendent Bert Smith.