Christopher Musgrove

Mr. Christopher Musgrove from Ware County Middle School is the Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of October. Upon his award, Assistant Principal Hildrick Garrison noted the following:

Ware County Middle School has selected Mr. Christopher Musgrove as our Classified Golden Achievement Award recipient. To say that he wears a lot of hats is an understatement. Mr. Musgrove seeks out opportunities to help others. For example, he helped teachers set up and organize their classrooms to make sure they had a wonderful start to their school year.

He keeps a positive attitude and is willing to do whatever is needed. When the need arose for an ELA substitute, Mr. Musgrove was willing to step in. Since he wants to be the best at whatever he does, he took the initiative before entering the ELA classroom to practice with a co-worker how to break down the standards with students.

He has also assisted with inventory and always volunteers to help out in any way he can. Mr. Musgrove works diligently with our students who attend In-School Suspension. He has candid discussions with them and provides them with skills to make better choices in the future. This same enthusiasm is demonstrated on the field when he is helping with sports. Mr. Musgrove is a valuable asset to Ware County Middle School.

Mr. Musgrove is pictured with Principal Shawn Benefield and Superintendent Bert Smith.