Andrea Miller Golden Achievement Award Winner

Congratulations to Mrs. Andrea Miller, the certified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of January 2022.

Wacona Elementary Principal Jeri Ray made the presentation, noting the following:

On behalf of Wacona Elementary School, I would like to recognize Mrs. Andrea Miller as the certified Golden Achievement Award winner for the 2021-22 school year.

Mrs. Miller has been in education for 26 years and is the Media Specialist at Wacona Elementary School. She also serves as our school’s PBIS Coach, a Site Co-Coordinator for the Gator All-Star Academy, Spelling Bee facilitator, Textbook Manager, Yearbook Sponsor, and as a Technology Facilitator.

Mrs. Miller has a passion for reading and works hard to instill the love of reading in the students at Wacona. She plans various events and contests throughout the school year to encourage our students to read. Mrs. Miller loves finding new and exciting books for students to read. She is also a tech expert! She enjoys helping students and teachers use the latest technology to create projects and share their ideas. She has worked hard to transform the Media Center at Wacona into a place where all students feel welcome and are encouraged to think, create, learn, and grow.

Mrs. Miller is hard-working, creative, dedicated, and goes above and beyond her duties as a Media Specialist, often spending her personal time preparing for upcoming activities. It is evident through her hard work and dedication that she cares deeply for the students at Wacona.

Thank you, Mrs. Miller, for all you do to make Wacona such an awesome school!