A photo showing firefighters visiting Ruskin Elementary First Graders

First-grade students at each Ware County elementary school learned about fire safety during a visit from the mobile Fire Safety House. Members of the Ware County Fire Department traveled to each school, where they discussed the importance of firefighters, fire equipment, and basic safety. The purpose of the visits was to reduce students' fear and anxiety by familiarizing them with what they may see, hear, and experience during a structure fire.

Firefighters showed the students what a smoke detector is and the importance of keeping the battery up to date. Students were also able to hear the sound of a fire detector and discussed fire evacuation plans. Students were encouraged to review procedures with their family members at home and to designate a safe meeting place in the event a smoke detector went off.

Students enjoyed meeting the firefighters while learning the basics of what to do in an emergency. 

Pictured: Captain Joe McPhaul, Lieutenant Jason White, and Ms. Danielle Lucas's first grade class at Ruskin Elementary