In an effort to reduce the amount of instructional time students are missing, a new COVID quarantine practice is in effect for Ware County Schools students (beginning 11/1/2021):

Students who are exposed to a COVID-positive student will have the option to remain in school without having to quarantine if they meet the following criteria:

1) The exposed student remains asymptomatic for the duration of the quarantine period (*10 days following the date of exposure).

2) No one in the exposed student’s household is COVID-positive.

3) The exposed student wears a mask inside school buildings and on school buses for the duration of the quarantine period.

If the exposed student chooses not to wear a mask inside school buildings or on school buses consistently, the exposed student must quarantine at home for 10 days following exposure.

Students who choose to quarantine at home because they do not wish to wear a mask may be tested for COVID on Day 5 of the quarantine period and return to school on Day 8 with a negative test result. Students who choose to attend school wearing a mask but who produce a negative test result on Day 5 may stop wearing a mask inside school buildings on Day 8. Masks remain required for all students who ride the bus.

School officials will continue to monitor COVID-19 concerns and make decisions accordingly.

*Day 1 starts the day after exposure.