Classified Golden Achievement Award Winner

Lt. Kylie Carter is our classified Golden Achievement Award Winner for the month of January. Principal John Chancey recognized Lt. Carter with the following statement:

“Ware County School System is in the first year of implementing their own police force in all of the schools. Wacona Elementary was very lucky to get Lt. Kylie Carter. She comes with many years of experience in serving our community while working with the Waycross Police Department. Her main focus and number one priority is the safety of the students and staff at Wacona. But more than that, what is quite evident is how much she loves the students and wants them to see her as someone who cares about them. All of her interactions with the students are positive and she is quick to strike up a conversation with a student just to see how their day is going, what book they're reading, what they did over the weekend, etc.

As far as looking out for the health and welfare of our students and staff, she has definitely added a level of safety to our school which we have never had by offering her expertise. She sees safety procedures from a completely different perspective and a fresh new look rather than "that's the way we've always done it." She has read our safety plan and made many suggestions for changes which will make the school a safer place to be for everyone. She has also invited both local and state safety experts to visit our school and to help refine our safety protocols and procedures. She does not sit idly by, but rather takes initiative seeking changes that will improve safety for all at Wacona, students, staff, and visitors.

Lt. Kylie Carter is our Safety Hero, but she is so much more. She is a child advocate whose sole purpose is to look out for the safety of everyone at Wacona. She does this with a smile on her face and a genuine concern for all. Not only is our school safer but it is also a brighter, more inviting school because of her presence. We are lucky to have her and thankful she is our School Safety Champion.”

Congratulations, Lt. Carter!

Pictured: Principal John Chancey, Supt. Bert Smith, Lt. Kylie Carter, Vice Chairman of the Board Rusty Ganas, and Chief of Police Danny Christmas