2020 Spelling Bee Contestants

Do you know how to spell “ascribe”? WCMS sixth grader Chrishaud B. does, and that won him the title of Ware County Schools Spelling Bee Champion! Kent H., an 8th grader from Waycross Middle School, is first runner-up.  

Chrishaud will advance to the regional tournament to be held in February, with Kent serving as the alternate in the event that Chrishaud is unable to compete.  

The Ware County Schools District Spelling Bee lasted six rounds. One speller was eliminated in round one. In round two, Chrishaud was the only speller to spell his word, snippet, correctly. The remaining contestants were eliminated in that round by the words megahertz, satellite, eavesdrop, mogul, magician,and leeway. Chrishaud was determined to be Finalist #1, and the six spellers who were eliminated returned until Kent, the last speller standing, was named Finalist #2. This is the first time in the system’s known history that only one speller survived a round. All contestants represented their schools with excellence and are to be commended for their accomplishments.  

2020 Spelling Bee Contestants include (back row, left to right) Chrishaud B. - Ware County Middle School, Kent H. - Waycross Middle School, Harper P. - Williams Heights Elementary School, Mya C. - Waresboro Elementary School, Dion T. - Ruskin Elementary School, Lilah Brooke B. - Memorial Drive Elementary School, (front row, left to right) Eevy G. - Center Elementary School, and Clementine K. - Wacona Elementary School. They are pictured with Ware County Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Lynn Barber.  

Ware Middle Assistant Principal Hildrick Garrison (far left) and Waycross Middle Principal David Hitt (far right) congratulate Chrishaud and Kent for a job well done!

Chrishaud and Kent are pictured with their principals