WCS Announces Changes to 2021-2022 Calendar

The Ware County Board of Education approved changes to the 2021-2022 WCS Calendar at the December Board Meeting. The revised list and block calendars are available on the system website at www.ware.k12.ga.us>Menu>Calendars and Menu. Updated calendars say "REVISED 12.13.2021" at the top.

Summary of Changes: Early Release days previously scheduled for December 17, February 18, and April 1 have been replaced with Professional Learning Days. Additionally, the Early Release schedule planned for the last two days of instruction (May 19 and 20) now reflects a full instructional day on Thursday, May 19 (the last day of school for students) followed by a Professional Learning Day on Friday, May 20. All Early Release days (except those related to the high school assessment schedule affecting high school students only) have been removed.

The 2022-2023 calendar was also approved at the December meeting. It will be shared in a separate announcement.