The most common needs/requests from parents and students are listed below.  Please call 912-287-2351 and ask for the staff member identified.

I need help with:

  • Student Check In / Check Out - Ms. A. Carter  or Ms.  B. Leggett
  • Phone Check Outs (for students that drive) - Ms. A. Carter or Ms. B. Leggett
  • Withdrawing Students - Ms. R. Vickers
  • Certificate of Attendance - Ms. L. Smoak
  • ADAP Certificate - Ms. L. Smoak
  • Transcripts  - Ms. T. Skipper / Mrs. R. Vickers
  • Proof of Enrollment - Ms. R. Vickers
  • New Student Enrollment - Ms. R. Vickers
  • Social Security Paperwork - Ms. R. Vickers
  • Infinite Campus - Ms. T. Skipper