GAcollege411 is a website designed to assist students career planning, College admissions, and financial aid. Click on the link above to visit this website. Students are given a username and password by their Counselor.

Financial Aid Assistance: Ms. Patti White with Concerted Services visits our school every Tuesday to assist students with Financial Aid. Students can make an appointment for drop by her office to meet with her.


Steps to calculate HOPE GPA:

1. Assign each "academic" class the appropriate number according to the grade your receive.

90 - 100 = 4

80 - 90 = 3

70 - 80 = 2

69 and below = 0

2. Add all the numbers together and divide the sum of numbers by the total number of Core Classes.


HOPE GPA is designed to use certain information from your profile. The Last Name, Social Security # and Date of Birth must be included in your profile to access your HOPE GPA Report. You must also have elected to share your personal information by selecting that profile setting.

  1. Log onto GACollege411.org
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on the tab: FINANCIAL AID PLANNING
  4. Click on YOUR HOPE GPA
  5. Select W (Ware County High School)
  6. Your HOPE GPA Report will be displayed