Ware County High School students take classes within a 4 x 4 block schedule. Students are enrolled in four 100-minute classes each 18 week semester. Students are required to complete a CTAE, fine arts, or advanced placement pathway. In addition to regular program courses, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement, Accel, Dual Enrollment, and Georgia Virtual School classes.

Students needing remediation have a wide array of help available in the form of after-school tutoring, Focus, Credit Repair, Credit Recovery, and Odysseyware programs. These options are specifically designed to keep students on track for graduation and have been beneficial in helping us increase our 2014 graduation rate to 85.6%.

Recently, we have received the SSTAGE STAR Award for our Response to Intervention (RTI) practices in addition to twice being named as a High Progress school for being in the top 10% of Title 1 schools for showing consistent improvement in the past 3 years.