Ware County High School operates on a 4 block schedule. Courses are taught within four 70- minute blocks each semester. Upon completion of four courses each semester, one Carnegie unit of credit is awarded per course passed. Students are encouraged to select courses wisely—based upon graduation requirements and postsecondary plans. In addition to regular program courses, students have a wide variety of course options including Advanced Placement, Accel, Dual Enrollment, and Georgia Virtual School classes.

Ware County High School has high expectations for all students as well as teachers. High expectations of students have repeatedly been shown to have a positive impact on student performance. WCHS teachers are expected to teach at high levels of effectiveness in order to reach the level of expectations and professional development is geared toward improving instructional quality.

Ware County High School is committed to improving student achievement by monitoring student performance throughout the academic year. Effective use of data allows WCHS to identify problematic areas of learning at the classroom and school levels, so that solutions can be generated as to how to best address the problems.

Ware County High School provides academic support through various methods, services, and resources. WCHS academic support includes an array of educational strategies, including tutoring sessions, supplemental courses, summer learning experiences, after-school programs, teacher as advisors, and alternative ways of grouping, counseling, and instructing students. Students needing remediation have a wide array of help available in the form of after-school tutoring, Focus, Credit Repair, Credit Recovery, and Odysseyware programs. These options are specifically designed to keep students on track for graduation and have been beneficial in helping us increase our 2020 graduation rate to 91.7, which is well above the state average of 83.8%.

Students are classified according to their years of high school enrollment and the number of credits they have earned. Required classification credits are listed below:

Tenth Grade - 5 credits
Eleventh Grade - 13 credits
Twelfth Grade - 20 credits
Graduation - 28 credits

To meet the needs of our transfer students from traditional high schools (schools which are not operating on the block system) the following promotion and graduation requirements apply. Individual students should see their guidance counselor to determine which requirements are applicable to them.

Entering WCHSCredits Required for PromotionCredits Required for Graduation
Ninth GradeTenth Grade  -  5 credits
Eleventh Grade - 11 credits
Twelfth Grade  -  19 credits
Tenth GradeEleventh  -  10 credits
Twelfth  -  17 credits
Eleventh GradeTwelfth Grade  -  15 credits23