Advanced Placement Agriculture Mechanics Agriscience
Content Area Classes Basic Agriculture Science Basic Agriculture Science
Two Foreign Language Classes Ag. Mechanics I Animal Science
One Content Area AP Class Ag. Mechanics II Plant Science
Allied Health and Medicine Business and Technology Culinary Arts
Introduction to Healthcare Introduction to Business Technology Introduction to Culinary Arts
Essentials of Healthcare Business & Technology Culinary Arts I
Allied Health and Medicine Business Communication Culinary Arts II
Early Childhood Care and Education I Engineering Fine Arts
Early Childhood Education I Foundations of Engineering Art 1, 2, 3, 4 OR
Early Childhood Education II Concepts of Engineering Band 1, 2, 3, 4 OR
Early Childhood Education III Applications of Engineering Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 OR
Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 OR
Foreign Language Forestry Wildlife Horticulture & Animal Science
Spanish I Basic Ag. Science Basic Agriculture Science
Spanish II Forestry Science General Horticulture
Spanish III Wildlife Management Nursery & Landscape
JROTC-ARMY Law Enforcement Services/Forensic Science Patient Care
JROTC I Introduction to Law, Public Safety, & Corrections Introduction to Healthcare
JROCT II Criminal Justice Essentials Essentials of Healthcare
JROTC III Forensic Science & Criminal
Patient Care Fundamentals
Welding I
Industrial Fundamentals & Occupation Safety
Introduction to Metals
Welding 1
Advanced Placement Classes - Click on the "Georgia DOE AP" link for pathway information
(Choose 3)
Human Geography (Any Grade) Environmental Science (YL - Any Grade)
Psychology (Semester - 10 to 12) Biology (YL 10 – 12)
English 3 (YL - 11) English 4 (YL - 12)
US History (YL - 11) AP Micro-Economics (Semester - 12)
AP Macro-Economics (Semester - 12)
Georgia DOE AP Pathway Requirements

YL = Year Long

Non-Pathway Universal Electives - written permission from the instructor is required to register for classes listed below
(10 th – 12th grade - Biology is a prerequisite)
Weight Training
(Any academy, pathway or grade)
Work-Based Learning
(11 th – 12th grade only) Instructor – Kim B. Callahan
(10 th – 12th grade) Instructor – Larry Purdom
(10 th – 12th grade) Instructor – Christy Ingram
(11 th – 12th grade) – Instructor - Molly Morrison