Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to intervention (RTI) is an education model that promotes early identification of students who may be at risk for learning difficulties. For students who are identified as struggling, the RTI process includes a multi-step approach for providing services and interventions at increasing levels of intensity. Federal laws (Every Student Succeeds Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004) emphasize the importance of providing high-quality, scientifically based instruction and interventions for all students, as well as those who are struggling to meet grade-level standards. RTI is a method for measuring how students respond to academic and behavior interventions in regular education prior to identifying a disability.

Title I Program

The federally funded Title I program provides instructional support in reading and mathematics as a supplement to students’ regular classroom instruction. The program aims to accelerate the learning of students who are not functioning at the expected achievement level for their age and grade. Eligibility for Title I services is based on the academic performance of students. For additional information, contact the principal or the Student Achievement Department.