7:40 - Doors are open for students
(Students will NOT be allowed to eat breakfast after 8:00 am.)

8:00 - The tardy bell rings. (All students must be in their classroom.)

2:00- Students released

Information for Car Riders 

If your child will be a car rider this year, please note the following guidelines that will assist us in keeping our students safe.

  1. All car riders, both in the morning and afternoon, MUST be dropped off in front of the school. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to be picked up or dropped off in the back of the school where the buses are.
  2. Please do not drop your child off before 7:40 am. There will be no supervision for students before that time.
  3. When you are dropping your child off, please pull all the way to the end of the covered sidewalk. This will allow several cars to drop students off at the same time. Also, do not drop students off in the left-hand pull-through lane. This creates a dangerous situation.
  4. When you are picking your child up, please pull to the end of the covered sidewalk. This will allow several cars to pick up students at the same time. As cars in front of you leave, please pull forward to fill in the spaces. Students cannot be picked up from the left-hand pull-through lane. You will be asked to pull around and park if you attempt to pick up a student in that lane.
  5. A car tag will be required for any student to be picked up in car rider lane.
  6. Students are not allowed to cross the traffic lanes to go to the parking lot.