Assessment Rubric

Skill Not Yet In Process Proficient
Identifying Numbers 0-20 Unable to identify numbers 0-10 and unable to count objects Able to count 0-10 objects and identify numbers 0-10 Able to count 11-20 objects and identify the numbers 11-20
Identifying 15 shapes Unable to recognize and describe 2D shapes Able to recognize and describe 8 basic 2D shapes Able to identify 3 out of 5 3D shapes
Identifying all Colors 0-4 colors 5-9 colors All colors
Sorting Unable to sort items by color or shape Able to sort items by color or shape Able to sort items by size and at least one other attribute
Creates Patterns Unable to copy or extend AB pattern Able to copy, extend and create AB or ABC pattern Able to create at least 1 upper level pattern (AAB, ABB, ABCD)
Count 10 Objects Able to count 1-5 objects Able to count 6-9 objects Counts 10 objects
Rote Counting Counts up to 5 Counts up to 10 Counts up to 20
Identify Letters Identifies 0-20 letters 21-45 letters 46-52 letters
States first and last names Unable to state first and last States one or the other States first and last
Spells Name Aloud Unable to spell name Gives half of the letters Able to spell name
Identifies letters in Name randomly Unable to identify letters Identifies some letters Identifies all letters
Writes Name Independently Unable to write name Writes some letters Use correct upper and lowercase letters, left to right
Identifies rhyming words Unable to rhyme 2 out of 4 rhyming words Able to give rhyming words
Letter Sounds(short and long vowel sounds) 0-5 sounds 6-25 sounds 26-31 sounds