Media Specialist - Heather Thigpen
Media Assistant - Selina Holton

Mission Statement

The Ware County System Media Specialists assume the role of supporting the system's curriculum through the development of quality print and multimedia collections. We will endeavor to provide for the development of life-long independent learners who are effective users of ides, information, and technology. We will maintain Media Centers that are conducive to the continued growth or well-informed, responsible, and productive global citizens.

Vision Statements
  • To Support teachers in the implementation of curriculum-based instruction
  • To maintain an awareness of current media topics and provide students and staff with relevant information
  • To provide opportunities for assistance in the development of information retrieval skills and technology application
  • To facilitate accessibility to a variety of resources
  • To abide by and/or implement federal, state, and local laws, policies, and standards
Media News & Events